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Pregnancy Journal: Week 17

This week has been full of events for me. Well to start it off I can finally feel the baby’s kicks. The first time I felt it doubt filled me. Once it happened over and over I knew that it was indeed, a kick. This event is super exciting. It would be ten times better if I did not feel as if I was going to be sick every five minutes. Trust me this part is not fun. If you are a guy and reading this, you should be happy you never have to deal with morning sickness… It is absolutely dreadful…. I feel horrible for my husband for dealing with it. Speaking of which, the poor guy has to deal with my mood swings. Right now it is to the point where I can be really happy and then someone can say something that is not bad at all and the waterworks happen, or they could be unlucky and deal with the frustrated snappy pregnant women. So far everyone is doing great at handling it! Especially my husband, because I am never that way towards him. You know why? Because he listens to me and is super sweet. Take note. This is how you need to be around a pregnant women. I am also pointing this to the guy that did my ultrasound who was very blunt. I do not have dry skin thank you very much.. You made me very angry. I think my baby knew that as well, because every time he needed to get a picture of something the baby moved. Making his job harder. Which made me laugh. However, because of how much the baby moved we could not find out if we were having a girl or boy. Which then made me nearly cry, but once the baby waved at me I was filled with joy. My husband was still upset about not finding out because that day was his birthday and he was really looking forward to knowing. Poor guy.

So this is how my seventeenth week has been going, I included the picture of baby waving. Let’s hope next time baby Torti cooperates! I hope you enjoyed this blog. If you have any questions just shoot me a message! 

Pregnancy Journal: Introduction

So a couple days before my wedding I found out that I am going to be expecting a little one! How exciting! This was back in August… Now I am 17 weeks pregnant and this is where I am going to start off. I am going to update you on symptoms, the baby, and how I feel. This is for people that just want something to read, maybe for the people that are expecting or just simply curious. Well Here it goes.

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